Tuscan Landscapes

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My favorite field painting from my trip to Tuscany.

Rik oclon img 0260

Another field painting of a Tuscan landscape.

Rik oclon img 0254

Yet another field painted Tuscan landscape. This one features a lake!

Tuscan Landscapes

In 2007 I took a two week trip with the Chicago based Vitruvian School of Fine Art to Tuscan Italy. Every other day we went out field painting and when we weren't painting we checked out the churches, museums, and amazing wine. Here are my favorite pieces from that trip.

Field painting is quite a bit more difficult than studio painting. Dealing with the elements proves to be a huge challenge. Wind gusts toppling easels, bugs landing in paint, dust and dirt blowing around, transporting a wet canvas, and painting in the hot sun with only a few brought and carried amenities were just a handful of the challenges we faced. I recommend this humbling experience to anyone with patience.