Logo, Shirt, and Album Cover Designs for Musical Artist Michael Be

Rik oclon mikebeeshirtcd

Photo of Michael Be's Merchandise Rack (CD's sticker label is not my art)

Rik oclon michael be 4

Album Cover with Initial Logo Design

Rik oclon michael be bee1

Second Logo Design (black & white)

Rik oclon michael be bee2

Second Logo Designed for Shirt Printing

Rik oclon bandcamp web example

Second Logo Designed for Web Branding

Rik oclon be logo moon color

Third Logo Design

Rik oclon be logo mooneperiment2invert

Third Logo Design

Rik oclon michaelbe small

Third Logo Design

Logo, Shirt, and Album Cover Designs for Musical Artist Michael Be

Musical Artist Michael Be commissioned me to design a vector based logo and album cover first, and later asked me to redesign the logo for a run of shirts, which also needed graphical elements designed. While the initial instructions for both projects were somewhat vague, I asked the proper questions a designer should ask their client to envision the expectations and then expand upon them. He was so pleased with my first designs that years later he came to me again, then even more years later came to me a 3rd time with a concept for a logo re-branding, which he was again pleased with my re-design. My designs for this client are still being used for album art, stickers, t-shirts, web branding, and promotional buttons.